Friday, November 7, 2008

Kisah Rumahtangga

I am really touched by this story of two Malaysian stars..a wifey is an actress and the hubby is an actor. They are well-known previously as a so-loving couple which is me myself adore them so much. Untill gossips came out from the press here and there after Hari Raya a month ago, this couple is actually living apart- the wifey just delivered their 3rd child and still in 'pantang' period, I just couldn't believe in what is spreading out thru the net, tv and the newspapers.

Yeah, she is strong enough, trying to save her marriage...where as at the same time her hubby is creating another relationship with other girl..Mempertahankan maruah suami and keluarga and of course her pride as a woman, a star, a wife and a mother. I salute her..for being 'hypocrite'..not to open her mouth for such a long time-elaborating about her so-tru life and marriage condition. I dont think if I'm on her shoes, I'm able to do the same. And what is she doing right now is a right decision, rather than just sit down quitely and doing that people out there know what is the real story behind all those dramas. Once a woman which is full with anger and shock, she might be doing the same thing.

Perhaps, I am so sensitive about this issue after I got married. Having a husband, and going to deliver a baby soon. Sebelum ni I dont even care sape cerai sape n so falls..not really interested. Sometimes, I am really scared that Im gonna face those 'ugly' thingy. Tp Allah Maha Mengetahui..He knows better than I am. Ape yang bakal jadi di masa hadapan adalah takdir ..yang Allah mesti ade rancangan yang lebih besar buat kita.
Saya kesian kan 'the wife'..dia pun manusia biasa. Walaupun die artis, and peminat konon mengikuti kisah hidup dia, privacy rumahtangganya sudah tak ada lagi. Wartawan tanye itu dan ini. Dah tak ada lagi rahsia dalam kisah rumahtangga beliau.Kalau saya berada on her shoes, mungkin saya sudah lari jauh dari media, cari ketenangan. Bukan senang nak hadapi semua itu. Last week, I saw her - as a guest for one of the top TV show. I just couldnt stop my tears from falling down. Pity Her!! She was trying to be as strong as possible. Not too cry in front of the camera..some more it is a LIVE telecast Ok!..and I think, airmata this lady sudah kering sebab dah terlalu banyak menangis. Mungkin rasa tertipu, everything that she gave wasnt been appreciated at all!! :(( And just couldnt imagine , what if....................haish tak nak pk..takott!!!!!!!..huhuhu

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