Tuesday, November 18, 2008

jatuh chenta lagi


tiba saatnya kita saling bicara

tentang perasaan yang kian menyiksa

tentang rindu yang menggebu

tentang cinta yang tak terungkap

sudah terlalu lama kita berdiam

tenggelam dalam gelisah yang tak tereda

memenuhi mimpi-mimpi malam kita

reff:duhai cintaku, sayangku, lepaskanlah

perasaanmu, rindumu, seluruh cintamu

dan kini hanya ada aku dan dirimu

sesaat di keabadian

jika sang waktu kita hentikan

dan segala mimpi-mimpi jadi kenyataan

meleburkan semua batas

antara kau dan aku, kita

Indahnya lagu ini..aku suke banget ..layannnnnnn...

High 5 :D

I was tagged again by AYU last week, and today got some free spaces (after having a badly headache for checking the staf's answers..heh!!)

5 things in my bag

  1. Spare undies/pad/liner (Just same like ayu)
  2. Purse
  3. Keys - House, car key
  4. Mobile
  5. Pen

5 things in my wallet

  1. Cash
  2. Credit cards
  3. IC
  4. Membership cards - Tesco Club Card, Jusco Card etc.
  5. Photo of my hubby and I

5 favourite things in bedroom
  1. The bedroom itself :D
  2. Pillows
  3. My wardrobe
  4. Bedsheet yang cantik and menarik for sure!!
  5. My mirror and dressing table

5 things I want to do

  1. Buy a house soon
  2. Make loads of savings for my kids
  3. Myvi to SENTRA NISMO :D
  4. Travel the world with my husband
  5. Settle all of my debts ASAP

5 things I frequently do
  1. Housekeeping (I am a HOUSEWIFE okey!!)
  2. Sing
  3. Cook and eat
  4. Work
  5. Surf the net/chat

Next tagged : Along, aimi, fareh, fira and liza

Sakit Jiwa

I just feel like a TEACHER..even worse than a kindergarden TEACHER!!! checking her students answers for exam..fuh..TENSI TENSI..buat EQA utk microscopist yang dah almost PENCEN tp jawapan yang diberi mak aih..mcm tk pnh pegi assessment..whoaaaaaaaaaaa..nnt kuar full result with the statistics sme cmne aku nk jawab ngan Director ni?? Sakitnye jiweeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Huhuh..pastu yang tak tahannye seme berlagak pandai ni..jawapan kami tk betul la..counting salah laaaaaaa..Like HELLOW..kami pegi course organized by WHO OKEY!!!!!!! (tensi nih!!!!!)..nnt if ade mase I will tell you what is actually I am doing now in this National Public Health Laboratory (Makmal Kesihatan Awam Kebangsaan)..especially to those who doesnt even know the exsiting of this lab..lol :P
Tgh bersabar dan berfikir berapa banyak kursus penilaian yang perlu aku uruskan untuk depa ni..:(

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Hb level

Just came back from maternity check up..as another 5 weeks to go, so need to see my Gine more frequent. Check up kat klinik gomen pun once in a fortnight..sbb dah sarat n nk smp mase perlukan extra care kunun camtuela..Alhamdulillah , babynye movement ok, heartbeat pun ok. Bp aku pun ok, albumin OK, kaki ibu pun tak de bengkak2..and then yg paling penting my Hb level dah back to normal..from 12-1(before puasa)..drop to 10.1..9.6.. n last two weeks 8.9..tue yang cepat collapse kot..huhuhuhu..(sbb my appetite jadi turun kesan dari puasa kot) waaaaaaa..kena marah ngan nurse..heh..so aku nekad minum Anmum 3X sehari..or at least 2X lorr.Makan ikan bilis dgn bnyknye..kerang n hati ayam...kurangkan tea intake since theanine might reduce ferum intake to the blood.. harini, bile cek whoaaaaaaaa..dah jadi 11.0 :D senyum lebar aku tak pyh risau..cume kena cont double Hematinic pills..(I've mentioned about this in the previous blog rite)...
Next week, I am planning to buy anything yang masih belum complete..(selagi tak bersalin tak kan complete gtew..heh..baju kena beli lagi kot.. n then Good NEWS IS; AYU NK HADIAH KAN BABY CARRIER MOTHERCARE ALL THE WAY DARI MANCHESTER...Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....TENGKIU SAYANG :D.( aku tgk kat the curve yang aku nak tu RM 399..the same brand-Mothercare n same pattern..heh!! MAHAL WTF???)..tk de maknenye..and aku kirim baby cap Manchester United ('lil devil gtew) hihihih..since my hubby is a BIG FAN OF MU CLUB heh..tak bleh BLAH!!
I can feel that, I'm gonna deliver him earlier than the expected date given by the Dr..tgh bersedia untuk sebarang kemungkinan..semua feelings ade..excited, takut, risau, hurmm..thats normal I think..u guys, pray for me as well eyh?? tengkiu..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Since I got nothing much to do this afternoon and I've been tagged by AIMI so aku buat la ni dulu. Semalam I was on Emergency Leave. Collapse after get back from work on Tuesday..menakutkan..lembik lotek satu badan and trus collapse tibe-tibe..

1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday: two-seven..(become Mommy already at that time I-Allah)

2. Place you want to travel to: Switzerland and Venice (terpengaruh ni)

3. Your favorite place: Beach..mane2 beach je la (kecuali yang kat Star Hill tu :P)

4. Your favorite food: Wafer @ Wafer World!!! lalallala

5. Your favorite pet: My cute Reiko..Comel kan??

6. Favorite color combination: Earth Colour

7. Favorite piece of clothing: My purple baju kurung( bought for Raya last year from Euro Moda first time ever)

8. Your all time favorite song: Faith Hill - There You'll be (lagu pebret karoke :D)

9. Favorite TV show: CSI, Jamie At Home, Sugar, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader,NIgella Express

10. First name of your significant other/crush: Wan

11. Which town do you live in: Bukit Rahman Putra, Bandar Baru Sg.Buloh

12. Your screen name/nickname: Anem

13. Your first job: Tuition Teacher

14. Your dream job: Something to do with Forensik

15. One bad habit that you have: Pelupa!!

16. Worst fear: Kehilangan orang2 yang saya sayangi

17. Things you’d like to do before you die: Be prepared untuk kehidupan selepas kematian and write a long notes to my Hubby-take a good care of my kids :(

18. The 1st thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000: Settle down my debts (mcm aimi jugak :D serabut ngan hutang ni )

19. Your husband/wife: Muaazam Munawar

20. Tagged anyone? Nak tag Fira pulak

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kisah Rumahtangga

I am really touched by this story of two Malaysian stars..a wifey is an actress and the hubby is an actor. They are well-known previously as a so-loving couple which is me myself adore them so much. Untill gossips came out from the press here and there after Hari Raya a month ago, this couple is actually living apart- the wifey just delivered their 3rd child and still in 'pantang' period, I just couldn't believe in what is spreading out thru the net, tv and the newspapers.

Yeah, she is strong enough, trying to save her marriage...where as at the same time her hubby is creating another relationship with other girl..Mempertahankan maruah suami and keluarga and of course her pride as a woman, a star, a wife and a mother. I salute her..for being 'hypocrite'..not to open her mouth for such a long time-elaborating about her so-tru life and marriage condition. I dont think if I'm on her shoes, I'm able to do the same. And what is she doing right now is a right decision, rather than just sit down quitely and doing nothing...so that people out there know what is the real story behind all those dramas. Once a woman which is full with anger and shock, she might be doing the same thing.

Perhaps, I am so sensitive about this issue after I got married. Having a husband, and going to deliver a baby soon. Sebelum ni I dont even care sape cerai sape n so falls..not really interested. Sometimes, I am really scared that Im gonna face those 'ugly' thingy. Tp Allah Maha Mengetahui..He knows better than I am. Ape yang bakal jadi di masa hadapan adalah takdir ..yang Allah mesti ade rancangan yang lebih besar buat kita.
Saya kesian kan 'the wife'..dia pun manusia biasa. Walaupun die artis, and peminat konon mengikuti kisah hidup dia, privacy rumahtangganya sudah tak ada lagi. Wartawan tanye itu dan ini. Dah tak ada lagi rahsia dalam kisah rumahtangga beliau.Kalau saya berada on her shoes, mungkin saya sudah lari jauh dari media, cari ketenangan. Bukan senang nak hadapi semua itu. Last week, I saw her - as a guest for one of the top TV show. I just couldnt stop my tears from falling down. Pity Her!! She was trying to be as strong as possible. Not too cry in front of the camera..some more it is a LIVE telecast Ok!..and I think, airmata this lady sudah kering sebab dah terlalu banyak menangis. Mungkin rasa tertipu, everything that she gave wasnt been appreciated at all!! :(( And just couldnt imagine , what if....................haish tak nak pk..takott!!!!!!!..huhuhu

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My 1st delivery

Hari ini 7/11/08..esok genap 34th week kandungan saya...lagi 2 mggu kena be prepared n aware..due to Dr., mggu ke 37th sudah matang untuk delivery..(takotnyee...huhu)..persiapan sudah dibuat seawal Oktober tp masih bnyk yang perlu dibeli I think...here are the lists;
1. Baju n seluar (yang semenye kale putih sbb mase tu tak tahu lagi baby boy/girl so just bought white colour since suit for both sexes. Now sudah tahu a BOY so boleh la beli baju kale BiRU plak pasni..and ade dua pasang yang telah dihadiahkan oleh kwn2..tengkiu yah!!)
2. Baby blanket
3. Bottles (which are soo cute..)
4. Napkins (so far I already bought 12 pcs..I think I need to buy some more ..Delivery during Monsoon so nnt takut payah nk kering lgpun pantang di Terengganu..tahu2 aje lakan)
5. Barut perut (yang ni ihsan dari kakak ipar..so tak payah beli)
6. Mosquito Net (blum beli lagik..my hubby nk beli kaler oren)
7. Bag (Hadiah dari rakan2-thanks frens)
8. Flusk (blum beli lagik)
9. Diapers (yang ni last minit kang baru carik)
10. Toiletteries (yang nipun last minit nnt baru beli)
11. Minyak Yuh Yee.. (ini petua orang2 tua ilangkan kembung baby)
12. Baby towel
13. mittens n booties ( got 3 pairs of it and need to buy lots of it..6-8 pairs maybe :D)
Apa lagi eyh?? sudilah kiranye membantu saya untuk menambah ape2 yang tertinggal dan penting..hihi..Things like cradle, stroller tuh tggu after bersalin la..dalam pantang pun buleh beli kan..Nnt if ade mase I'll upload pictures of the stuff that Ive already bought.. lists kaler oren tu blum beli lagi.
Well, my due date will be on the 22nd Dec 2008.. another 1 month to go. Sekarang sudah mula rasa sarat dah semakin berat and mengah. Last time, the weight of my baby is estimated at 1.586kg I think it's rising up to 2kgs..hmm..no wonder la kan..by the time of delivery, mesti smp 2.5kgs and above or else underweight..naye jek kena duk dlm peti..:-S. Skrg saya masih berusaha untuk makan dengan lebih bnyk, take up all the supplements given( double Heamatinic pills of Ferum, VitC , B-Complex n Folic Acid)..n drink Anmum Materna twice a day (morning and before go to sleep) and for sure makan dengan kerap dan banyaknye.. coz I'm a kinna quite hard to gain my weight since I was a teen..huhuhu..even makan banyak pun masih payah untuk tambah berat badan..arrggggggghhhh ..Tension aje.
Mase yang agak payah, sleep time. Saya tidak dibenarkan untuk tidur baring ke sebelah sisi kanan saya ( sbb saya akan ditendang dengan kuat !!!his feet is located some where near to my kidney during this month dan die tak akan duduk till i change my position),huhuhu..terlentang pun tak boleh sbb tulang belakang saya sudah jadi curve..nnt sakit sgt2 mase bangun pagi and the only position yang tinggal is-mengiring ke sebelah kiri.,.huhuhu..ia akan membuatkan pundi kencing saya ditekan dan sering bangun malam untuk buang air kecil..(tidur tak lena..uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!)..see!! not an easy thing huh to be a MOTHER!!..:) tp pengalaman nye sgt la indah..and I can feel that I'll be missing this moment after my delivery :). Saya masih igt, the first time I can feel his movements was during my 5th months of pregnancy..but the 'kicking' wasnt't that hard at that time..skrg ni, sekali tendang hamek ko!! bergegar isi perut wa cakap lu..silap hari bulan buleh muntah balik..huhu..
Have another few weeks to go..people around me keep asking ..'mak buyung, bile nk menetas ni??'..hihi :D and macam2 lagi gaya ayatnye..smp berbuih mulut saya nk jawab..lumrah la tu..n when I told them that kandungan I dah reached 8 mnths, they just can't believe it sbb perut saya kecil dan badan saya tidaklah kembang dengan banyaknya...(ibu yang cumel jgn mare ..:P)..
My hubby n I are very excited to welcome our first baby..tp frankly I am really scared..mane ade bersalin tak sakit..mesti la sakit kan..and everyday I pray so that Allah tolong saya semasa berdepan dengan kesakitan itu..Saya harap anda semua sam2 doa untuk saya ..ok??;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breakfast Menu for today

It was raining early in the morning, lazy to work. But need to wake up at 6.30am since I need to prepare our 'breakfast tapau' ..as usual; for me myself,my hubby and my brother and today's menu is Tuna Sandwich :D (my hubby really love this) and I made another menu as an additional one (since sudah agak lama mengidam untuk makan kueh ini)- *Roti Berlauk. (tahukah anda apakah menu ini??hehehe)..Yesterday's menu - Bee Hoon Singapore.

ROTI BERLAUK which is quite similar to MURTABAK. Kulit yang sama tapi inti dalam nye berbeza, made from potato/sweet potato yang dipotong dadu-alah senang cite cam inti karipap tu)..:D and of course the size is smaller than MURTABAK. I started to prepare the dough (just the same like roti canai) and inti last nite after having our dinner (for sure dengan bantuan suami terchenta ;D). Akhirnye, pagi tadi menu itu siap and ALHAMDULILLAH, it is just like my mom's cook..hehehe..but I only managed to make four pieces since I was running out of time hahaha..two pieces for me, and the rest for my hubby and my brother (ptg ni after work sambung balik sbb ade lagi 7 biji lagi kat umah tu) and don't forget another menu- TUNA SANDWICH..:D.

Tomorrow's menu? Don't know yet..nasi goreng maybe or karipap pulaks!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What kind of wedding GIFT??

Just came back from medical leave..had a minor surgery, let only the choosen people know what is exactly happened to me (certain things couldnt be shared with everybody..) and I think you will agree with me. Tp skrg me ok already..dah 70% recover,Thank God!

Ni lagi satu hal, 16th November 2008, will be my bff's wedding in JB. During my wedd last February, he n his fiancee came down to Besut Trg, sama-sama meraikan majlis kami. Unluckily, on that date its going to be 36th week of my pregnancy..sarat dowh..n my Dr wont allow me to travel at this stage..(it takes about 4-5 hrs driving form KL-JB..tau2 je lakan) plus my sakit pinggang n pinggul akan burukkan keadaan..silap hr bulan, my baby's IC number akan jadi -01-hahaha...Me n my hubby mcm tak sedap hati neh..feel bad la kan..sbb macam tak dapat attend their wedding..and am really hope Nany n Latep will understand my condition. Its not that i'm purposely refuse to go but...dush..payahnye...n another 2 weeks to go. We are planning to buy something special as a gift..(maklumla tk dapat attend wedd kena pujuk kasi hadiah baek punye)..any suggestions??

....bertaut kembali

Salamz....kembali ke arena blogging..:D