Monday, November 3, 2008

What kind of wedding GIFT??

Just came back from medical leave..had a minor surgery, let only the choosen people know what is exactly happened to me (certain things couldnt be shared with everybody..) and I think you will agree with me. Tp skrg me ok already..dah 70% recover,Thank God!

Ni lagi satu hal, 16th November 2008, will be my bff's wedding in JB. During my wedd last February, he n his fiancee came down to Besut Trg, sama-sama meraikan majlis kami. Unluckily, on that date its going to be 36th week of my pregnancy..sarat dowh..n my Dr wont allow me to travel at this stage..(it takes about 4-5 hrs driving form KL-JB..tau2 je lakan) plus my sakit pinggang n pinggul akan burukkan keadaan..silap hr bulan, my baby's IC number akan jadi -01-hahaha...Me n my hubby mcm tak sedap hati neh..feel bad la kan..sbb macam tak dapat attend their wedding..and am really hope Nany n Latep will understand my condition. Its not that i'm purposely refuse to go but...dush..payahnye...n another 2 weeks to go. We are planning to buy something special as a gift..(maklumla tk dapat attend wedd kena pujuk kasi hadiah baek punye)..any suggestions??

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