Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get ready for the buzinessssssss..

Just got a Memo and YES (I knew it earlier) , my name is in the list. Within two weeks time I need to prepare my self; go for a simple training (going to be held next week) and after that have to BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA either for On-Call or Shift mode..haven't decided by Dr.C. Yesterday, I got vaccinated. This is one of the precautions steps...the risks are almost everywhere since people are moving here and there. And I understand that, myself will be in the higher risk environment. Huhu...What to do? This is a part of my service..and I told myself that I will do it at my bestest since this is the first outbreak that I am going to get involved to. NO previous experiences but still, I am so lucky to have few colliques.. who are willing to do some sort of Incentive training ..YIPPIE!! (nanti I blanje ok!!)..

Well, I am pretty sure that everybody knows about A-H1N1. Outbreaks are spreading rapidly all over the world. Previously it is known as SWINE FLU but after 30th April 2009 WHO announced it officially as an Influenza A-H1N1 outbreak..A high mobidity with low mortality outbreak. In Malaysia, there are two positive cases ( I dont really need to mention about this one I think). Since the number of samples are getting higher and higher each day, DG have decided to give it this way.. cases from countries with local transmission to be sent to IMR while cases from the countries with NO local transmission to be sent to us. It's a wise decision because we are dealing with Public Health matters and it requires us to contribute something for this issue. And undoubtful it is interesting. Surprisingly, when our Director announced that some of us will be in the team, almost everybody got excited to be the volunteers. Yeah, this is not a common method which is available everywhere (except for hospitals and some of Uni's).
So, will be a bit busy with the trainings and the preparations..The best part is, I am going to learn on Real Time PCR in order to run A-H1N1 test..INTERESTING!!..Will be updated in the next entry on my training sessions and the tasks..CHIOA...Take care ;)
p/s: those who are going to travel (by plane la most likely), do take some precautions which is available on this site..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky :)

Thanks hubby..:D Well, do you still remember? I did put in my previous entry (ZANUSSI gas stove and electric oven) as my target for this year..According to my sister (die dah beli ZANUSSI tu), better ade Oven and Stove berasingan so dat bile rosak boleh terus dump..hahhaha..if Stove n Oven duk sekali salah satu rosak kena la pakai jugak yang masih berfungsi tuh..huhuuhu..Tapi, I am so Lucky to get this from hubby (sebagai hadiah di Hari Ibu)..macam Ulam Dicita Pucuk Mendatang la pulak :D... After this kena la tambah lagi menu and skill memasak guwe..


Dan ini satu lagi hadiah...Bronze Medal.Last Sunday, main volleyball for BKP, team got the third place..the other team got the first place..CONGRATS!! ok lakan..sebab dah laaaaaaaama sgt tak lagi la even dah beranak satu :)



This is what we called a transformation (bukan macam AF7 OK!!)..And if it's possible I want him to stay at this stage..sentiasa comel !! Ini adalah sebahagian dari koleksi gambar-gambar my lovely little son Razeeq Awalluddien (previously some of you requested to TEPEK newborn pixs)..:)

This one- Taken few hours after delivery..(deep inside my heart I know that he will look like his father except for HIS NOSE!!..ngeh ngeh ngeh)

This one..Taken at his one week old

Taken on 10-Jan-2009-Not even a month!!

This one pulak -taken a about a month after rambutnya dibotakkan..

Yang ini..antara yang terbaru..(Ahh usah ditanya baju kuning iteww..auntie Iera yang kasi ok!)

I know you love your Mommy more than your Daddy!! huhu

Dan dia sudah boleh meniarap..sekarang sudah mampu alihkan kedudukan

Sudah pandai merajuk and tarik muka juga!!

Yang ni memang tak bleh blah!! Pantang nampak stereng oK!! huhu..Keluar air liur punye la excited!!

Minggu depan (on 21st May) umur Awal genap 5 bulan.Alhamdulillah...sentiasa sihat and I-Allah akan sentiasa sihat..Amin

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's wonderful being appreciated..

I was fasting last Monday. At about 8.45 am, my Dear Abang texted..'Happy Mother's Day my dear'..I read it while giving a big grin. So happy and couldn't believe that I am now a Mother!!..Dengan confident nya, I typed "para Ibu..happy Mother's Day!!" at my YM status..then suddenly, Ajah (memang nama sebenar) duk sibuk la tanye .."wei!! mother's day bilo? Hrni ko?"..."tahu la..aku pung tok tahu..laki aku wish doh sakni..hahahha"...

As usual, saya akan bekerja sambil melayan Dear Abang and Ajah di YM..pastu Ajah buzz lagi.."Wei!! Mother's day ahad nih la!!..naseb aku tok tepon lagi ko bonda".."aku sengih sorang2..nk gelak kuat kang org kate aku gile pulak..hahahhaha.." Tahu aku..hahahah..doh laki aku wish aku pung confidentla.."..

Alkisahnya...balik dari kerja, trus shoot ke dapur..memasak for buka puasa ( lupa dah ape menu on that day)..bile Dear Abang balik..he bought a Cheese cake for me sebagai tanda nk celebrate Mother's Day (KATANYA WALAUPUN SALAH HARI) but ITS ok..Thanks A lot Dear Abang..
And memang sungguh tak sangka..buat julung kalinya..saya menyambut Mother's Day. Bertalu-talu sms diterima dari rakan dan taulan wishing me Happy Mother's Day :D..Thanks to all..And yang paling penting, Its wonderful being a mother..walau saya tidak sehebat MAK saya..tapi saya akan cuba untuk jadi HEBAT seperti MAK saya.MAK, terima kasih untuk segalanya..saya tahu saya takkan dapat balas budi MAK..tapi doa saya untuk kesejahteraan MAK tak akan saya abaikan..
Semasa mengandung, MAK la insan yang paling banyak menasihati saya..Amalkan itu dan ini..buat itu dan ini.. jaga itu dan ini..Semasa kesakitan hendak bersalin..MAK la orang yang paling saya ingat..Membayangkan kembali kesakitan MAK semasa melahirkan saya..MAK la orang yang paling risau akan saya..Dan saya yakin dengan doa MAK juga proses melahirkan berakhir dengan selamat..
Semasa saya pantang, dia la yang masakkan untuk saya..tiap2 hari tanya saya nak makan apa..berjaga malam untuk pastikan saya dan Awal tidur lena dan tidak apa-apa..Mandikan Awal sebab saya masih belum kuat..MAK yang Renehkan sup..MAK yang buatkan ubat akar kayu untuk saya..MAK la orang yang memicit saya semasa pinggang dan badan saya lenguh2..bila lutut saya sakit..MAK la yang tolong pangku baby saya semasa saya sudah keletihan..MAK juga la yang menemani saya di malam hari bila baby saya tak mahu tidur malam dan muntah-muntah..MAK jua la yang temankan saya masa saya ulang alik ke klinik follow up Jaundice baby saya..MAK la yang belikan itu dan ini bila saya teringin nk makan..MAK la orang yang paling banyak bersusah..dulu bersusah untuk jaga saya semasa saya kecil..dan sekarang bersusah bila saya sudah punya yang kecil...
MAK, saya tahu saya banyak buat hati MAK terluka..saya minta ampun untuk itu..Saya tahu MAK tak akan simpan lama-lama...saya amat mengagumi MAK..TERIMA KASIH MAK..TERIMA KASIH BANYAK2..MAK la MAK saya dunia dan akhirat..saya minta MAK doakan saya juga..sekarang saya lebih faham ape erti seorang MAK..andai MAK tak lahirkan saya..saya tak akan wujud didunia ini..
Untuk semua IBU, SELAMAT HARI IBU!! Saya tahu setiap hari adalah hari Ibu...dan buatla kerja sebagai seorang Ibu sebagai satu ibadah..niat Kerana ALLAH :)Semoga kalian di kurniakan kesejahteraan dunia dan akhirat serta di masukkan ke dalam golongan orang-orang yang Soleh ..AMIN

Ada lagi 4 hari

Yeay..short one plz :D
This is the another 2 days actually but to make it easier (lebih afdal) just do it for 10 days...apekah?? puasa ganti la!! hahaha..But still..have to pay FIDYAH for 7 cupaks..(out of 10, 7 days are carried over from last two years)..