Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get ready for the buzinessssssss..

Just got a Memo and YES (I knew it earlier) , my name is in the list. Within two weeks time I need to prepare my self; go for a simple training (going to be held next week) and after that have to BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA either for On-Call or Shift mode..haven't decided by Dr.C. Yesterday, I got vaccinated. This is one of the precautions steps...the risks are almost everywhere since people are moving here and there. And I understand that, myself will be in the higher risk environment. Huhu...What to do? This is a part of my service..and I told myself that I will do it at my bestest since this is the first outbreak that I am going to get involved to. NO previous experiences but still, I am so lucky to have few colliques.. who are willing to do some sort of Incentive training ..YIPPIE!! (nanti I blanje ok!!)..

Well, I am pretty sure that everybody knows about A-H1N1. Outbreaks are spreading rapidly all over the world. Previously it is known as SWINE FLU but after 30th April 2009 WHO announced it officially as an Influenza A-H1N1 outbreak..A high mobidity with low mortality outbreak. In Malaysia, there are two positive cases ( I dont really need to mention about this one I think). Since the number of samples are getting higher and higher each day, DG have decided to give it this way.. cases from countries with local transmission to be sent to IMR while cases from the countries with NO local transmission to be sent to us. It's a wise decision because we are dealing with Public Health matters and it requires us to contribute something for this issue. And undoubtful it is interesting. Surprisingly, when our Director announced that some of us will be in the team, almost everybody got excited to be the volunteers. Yeah, this is not a common method which is available everywhere (except for hospitals and some of Uni's).
So, will be a bit busy with the trainings and the preparations..The best part is, I am going to learn on Real Time PCR in order to run A-H1N1 test..INTERESTING!!..Will be updated in the next entry on my training sessions and the tasks..CHIOA...Take care ;)
p/s: those who are going to travel (by plane la most likely), do take some precautions which is available on this site..

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