Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Setahun sudah berlalu..

21 Dec 2008.

He was born at about 3.27am. After having 1 and a half hour intermittent painful contractions. I only spent about 45 minutes in the labor room, then he came out to see the real world. And for the first time, I saw him. My own flesh blood. My son.

21 December 2009

A one year old boy. The pain already went away and I can not even remember what it was like. Amazing right?

Happy Birthday my son.
We love you so much. With all of our heart.
You have completed our life.
Membesarlah dengan sihat dan cergas.
Jadi anak yang soleh dan berguna, taat pada Allah. Patuh pada agama.
Ketahuilah anakku,
Kasih sayang kami bukan sedikit.

Yours truthfully,
Mommy and Daddy.
22nd December 2009.


mrs Fahmi said...

how time flies!!!!

Happy birthday Awal....muwahs!!!

mylongjourney said...

Tengkiu SuNani;)..sekejap je mase berlalu..mmg macam x sedar langsung..tuptup dah setahun..hehe.

Farah said...

happy birthday awal!!!

nanti auntie datang party awal ngan afif ok !

mylongjourney said...

Owh auntie farah...terima kasih !! See ya!!;)

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

selamat hari lahir!

sekejap jer kan.

mylongjourney said...

Eliss: Haah xsedar masa berlalu cepat giler :)